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Gun Sales


Do you get delayed when you purchase a Firearm? And then days later you have to go back to the gun shop to pick up your Firearm? If so here’s how to get your UPIN from the FBI to save you the extra trip. We love seeing you in shop but don’t want to keep you from your new purchase and some awesome range time!
Click this link to print up the form from the FBI
Voluntary Appeal File Application -VAF FORM 25
1. Fill this form out completely.
2. Go down to your local PD and get fingerprinted on a card. Check with your local PD. Some PD’s charge for this service and or offer prints by appointment only.
3. Send a copy of your fingerprints and completely filled out and signed form to the FBI.
                   *NICS Voluntary Appeal File (VAF) Address*
                     Federal Bureau of Investigation
                     Criminal Justice Information Services Division
                     National Instant Criminal Background Check System Section
                     Voluntary Appeal File
                     Post Office Box 4278
                    Clarksburg, WV 26302-4278


What Our Clients Are Saying
If you're in Leander or Cedar Park area this is a great and professional establishment for any firearm needs. David does exactly what the other reviewers say; he goes out of his way to make sure you are completely satisfied whether or not your buying anything he gives you 100 percent attention. To top it all this guy is extremely knowledgeable! I will certainly not be going anywhere else but to them."  ~ E. Benitez

Safety First: These are the most important of all safety rules

(1) Always Treat Every Firearm As If It Is Loaded.

(2) Always Keep The Muzzle Pointed In A Safe Direction And Away From Non-Targets.

(3) Always Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger And Outside Of The Trigger Guard Until Ready To Engage Your Target.

(4) Always Be Positive And Sure Of Your Target, And Always Be Positive And Sure Of What Is Beyond Your Target.

Safety Is No Accident And Is A Responsibility Of Gun Ownership! MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!

                                                                             How to Buy a Gun in Texas
                                                             1) Decide which kind of gun you'd like to purchase. Shotguns and Rifles are easier to 

                                                             purchase than handguns. Define the purpose for which you want the gun (hunting or

                                                             sport shooting) and that will dictate which process you must complete.
                                                             2) Go to your local gun store and talk with the arms dealer. The representatives at the gun

                                                             store will be able to assist you with your purchase as to which gun is right for you. Once

                                                             you have narrowed down your choice, select your gun.
3) Complete the FBI NICS background check, which is required by law (unless you possess a valid License To Carry Handgun). This will alert the people at the store if you have a felony conviction. In Texas, you may possess a firearm on the premises where you live after 5 years have elapsed since your prison or parole term has ended; however you may not purchase any firearm if convicted of any felony offense. You must also possess a valid form of Texas ID to complete the background process (there are certain exceptions for this also).
4) Buy your gun from the dealer. There is no waiting period in Texas. Once you have passed the FBI NICS background check (this could take up to 5-7 days if delayed) or your LTCH has been verified, you can walk out of the store that day with your gun. Congratulations, you just learned how to buy a gun in Texas!

Did you know that in Texas, No person may shoot a buffalo from a second story window? (Yes, this law is still in the books, a holdover from the Old West days) 

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