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If you're in Leander or Cedar Park area this is a great and professional establishment for any firearm needs. David does exactly what the other reviewers say; he goes out of his way to make sure you are completely satisfied whether or not your buying anything he gives you 100 percent attention. To top it all this guy is extremely knowledgeable! I will certainly not be going anywhere else but to them."  ~ E. Benitez

Per HB 48 (83rd Legislature), continuing education is no longer required for LTCH renewal. License holders will simply apply online and submit the supporting documents for discounted fees or special conditions.
NOTE: It is the license holder’s responsibility to remain informed and knowledgeable of new laws. For additional information related to new legislation, see 
Legislative Updates.

We are scheduling classes frequently. Please check our face book page for class schedules. Class size is limited to (7) seven.
License To Carry class rate is $80.00, range fees are $12.99.
Group Rates are available at $70.00 each for 3-7 persons (we can fit 8 if you don't mind being cozy) in License To Carry Classes only, range fees are $12.99.
License To Carry for LEO, Fire, and EMS personnel, veterans and direct family members is $70.00 with Valid Agency ID, Valid Military ID, Valid VA ID or DD214.
Individual instruction is available for License To Carry - cost is $95.00 plus $12.99 range fees.
Please check 'Contact' information below for further information to sign up for classes.
You will need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition for the qualifying stage of the License To Carry. Ammunition is available for purchase in house or at the range.

We do not recommend any hand gun above .45ACP, and absolutely no AR based handguns allowed.
We recommend long sleeve shirts with collars and ball caps. Closed toe shoes are required. Hearing and Eye Protection is required, and is available at the range, however we recommend providing your own as the range may have none available to issue at the time we qualify.

We use LoneStar Range and Academy for Qualifications and for Personal Training!

Basic Pistol instruction - cost is $115.00, includes range fee and we provided the handgun and ammunition for this class. Call to schedule a date!

    The Occasional Use of 'Colorful' Language WILL Happen in My LTC Classes!
License To Carry Group Rates!!! 3-7 persons for $70 a person!!!
Call and Reserve Your Sunday for a Licensing Class Fun Day!!!
Classes Start at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday's!!!

It is illegal to conceal carry on the private property of "another person’s property after effective 30.06 or 30.07, either by signage, orally, or written notification has been given." Basically anyone can post a 30.06 sign and/or a 30.07 sign on their premises, and you will commit an offense if you carry on the premises.

​​​​​How do I get my License To Carry Handgun?
Anyone wishing to possess a License To Carry Handgun must obtain the necessary materials from the Texas Department of Public Safety. A standard
  $40.00 processing fee  must accompany the completed application; there are significant discounts for Veterans, Law Enforcement, and Seniors. Once the application has been received, the Department of Public Safety has 60 days to either approve or deny it. Possible reasons for denial include felonies on the applicant’s record, delinquent in child support payments, or a history of mental instability. A permit applicant must notify the Department of Public Safety within 30 days of changing his or her name or address, if the change occurs during the application process.

You can find the online Texas License To Carry Handgun application page here:

You must also complete both a classroom and a firing range course in handgun proficiency before being issued a permit. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate stating that you possess basic safety and marksmanship skills. This certificate is necessary to successfully obtain a handgun carry permit, and a copy must be sent by you to the  Regulatory Services Division (RSD) via the  LTC Supporting Documents Submittal link, or by the USPS within six months of the original application date. If you complete the classroom portion first, you will likewise have six months to complete the application process from the date of the class completion.

The state of Texas no longer requires a 'Passport Photo'; the RSD uses the photo on file from your Texas Drivers License. Additionally, you will need fingerprints; the state now requires electronic fingerprinting. There is a fee charged for fingerprint services. For additional information regarding the  Fingerprint Application Services of Texas (FAST)  please visit the DPS website. 

Please visit  Criminal History Error Resolution  for the procedures to challenge the criminal history record contained in a Texas Record. Please visit the  FBI Criminal History and Identity Resolution  for any questions regarding the criminal history record contained in an FBI Record, and for the procedures to challenge the criminal history record contained in an FBI Record.

Things to Consider!
A handgun carry permit expires on the holder’s first birthday after having the license for four years. At this time you must renew you handgun license or stop carrying a handgun. You can apply for your renewal online by following the same link you originally used to apply for your first license.

Even if you have obtained a handgun license, this permit does not give you the right to carry a handgun, rifle, or illegal weapon anywhere you please. You cannot carry a firearm into a court of law, a business that derives 51% or more of its income from alcohol, a school or school-sponsored sporting event, an election polling place, a racetrack, or a correctional institution. The State Law also prohibits carrying in certain other places, public or private, with properly posted signage.

A permit holder may also not carry a firearm while intoxicated. And remember that a license holder must practice handgun carry; open possession of handguns is permitted as of January 1st, 2016 .

The  License To Carry Handgun Law sets out the eligibility criteria that must be met. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age (unless active duty military) and must meet Federal qualifications to purchase a handgun.  A number of factors may make you ineligible to obtain a license, such as: felony convictions and some misdemeanor convictions, including charges that resulted in probation or deferred adjudication; pending criminal charges; chemical or alcohol dependency; certain types of psychological diagnoses protective or restraining orders, and defaults on state or city taxes, governmental fees, or child support.  Eligibility requirements can be found in  GC §411.172.

In Texas, a person who is at least 18 years of age but not yet 21 years of age is eligible for a license to carry if the person is a member or veteran of the United States armed forces, was discharged under honorable conditions, and meets the other eligibility requirements of Subsection (a) except for the minimum age required by federal law to purchase a handgun.

The License To Carry Handgun law states that deferred adjudication will be considered the same as a conviction.  Depending on the type of offense and the date of deferral, you may not be eligible for a License To Carry. DWI is classified as at least a Class B misdemeanor, and you are ineligible for a license for five years after a conviction for a Class A or Class B misdemeanor.  For the purpose of determining eligibility, a conviction includes those that were dismissed after you completed probation or deferred adjudication.

The License To Carry law states an application for a License To Carry Handgun may be denied for an individual finally determined to be delinquent in child support obligations.

If there is a  Reciprocity Agreement  with Texas, you may carry a concealed handgun in another state, provided you comply with that state’s laws on concealed carry. Reciprocal agreements and unilateral proclamations can be found on the Reciprocity map.

Effective September 1, 2013, Renewal Applicants will no longer be required to attend a renewal class or qualify, but will still need to complete the online renewal registration with DPS and pay their fee. The DPS renewal application process can be found at During the registration process, you will need to pay the state fee with an approved credit card. Pictures and fingerprints are not required to be submitted by renewal applicants.


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