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What Our Clients Are Saying - If you're in Leander or Cedar Park area this is a great and professional establishment for any firearm needs. David does exactly what the other reviewers say; he goes out of his way to make sure you are completely satisfied whether or not your buying anything he gives you 100 percent attention. To top it all this guy is extremely knowledgeable! I will certainly not be going anywhere else but to them."  ~ E. Benitez

David C. Mickler is a six year Veteran of the U.S. Navy, a proud member of The American Legion, the Legion Riders, and the Patriot Guard. He is also a proud veteran of Law Enforcement in the State of Texas for nine years. His father, Bob Mickler, who passed away in 2000, was also Navy, a Korean War Veteran, and an avid hunter and fisherman. He instilled the outdoor spirit in David at a very early age, a spirit that still lives in him today. Gretchen Mickler, David’s mother, is part owner and a bookkeeper, home builder, and interior decorator of 40+ years. Mrs. Mickler ensured that David and his sister Sabrina, who passed away in 2012, saw most of the United States early on in their childhood with summer vacations traveling the  country in a 1969 Chevrolet short bed step side pickup with a bed cap camper, which gave David an almost pioneering spirit, his great love for this nation, and the ability to practice 'roughing it'. Mrs. Mickler will be running the day to day bookkeeping operations of the store, and keeping David in check!

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Handgun Basic Hand Cleaning -- $20 to $30 per handgun cleaning.
Handgun Strip and Detail Cleaning -- $35 to $45 per handgun cleaning.
Rifle Basic Hand Cleaning -- $25 to $35 per rifle cleaning.
Rifle Detail Gun Cleaning -- $45 to $55 per rifle cleaning.
Shotgun Basic Hand Cleaning -- $35 to $45 per shotgun cleaning.
Shotgun Detail Gun Cleaning -- $50 to $65 per shotgun cleaning.
AR Style Rifle Basic Hand Cleaning -- $35 to $45 per rifle cleaning.
AR Style Rifle Detail Gun Cleaning -- $50 to $65 per rifle cleaning.

These prices are for labor only! All charges are taxable per State of Texas!
There is a $6.00 Shop Supplies Charge Per Firearm for non-reusable materials!
We do not Ultra Sound any firearm.
We utilize only Gunzilla Lube in reassembly of all firearms!
Average Time is at least 10 business days for our Basic and Detail Gun Cleaning Service.
Written appraisals will be performed only when time is permitting and if the following criteria are met. We prefer for firearm appraisals be left onsite. Firearms will be kept onsite in a secured vault, and handling will be kept to a minimum. This will give the customer the most accurate appraisal for their firearm. For written appraisals where the firearm is not available, research staff personnel must have good quality photos/images, a complete description(s), including manufacturer's name, model, gauge or caliber, barrel length, serial number, sub-model, repairs, missing parts, action type and other pertinent information. On some firearms, depending on the manufacturer/trademark and model, a factory letter or number may be necessary. Remember, since these written appraisals are done without physically inspecting the firearm(s), the appraised value(s) will only be as accurate as the information our research staff receives. High quality images are the single most important element on written appraisals based on photographic images. The charge for a written appraisal is 2% of the appraised value with a minimum of $30 per gun.

We offer FFL Transfer services for $20.00 per firearm/receiver for the first two (2) items transferred. There will be an additional $5.00 per item after up to eight (8) items, and an additional $2.50 for any item over the original ten combined. All applicable laws related to the purchase of firearms and/or receivers apply to firearms transfers, including multiple sales and background checks. ​We offer a discounted FFL Transfer fee to Active Law Enforcement, Active Duty Military, Active Fire or EMS personnel, and Veterans for the first two (2) items transferred; all applicable fees apply after.